07 dezembro 2011

RAB Dive Off - Croatia

At 2'48

The Rab Dive Off, is a freediving competition organised by Mia Rizner in the Island of Rab in Croatia.
I had been planning to compete there but could never manage to be there.

Well, this year we decided together with Pascal Millour to drive there from Villefranche sur Mer.

The competition couldn't go better. The others decided to put far too much pressure on themselves. Many black outs, early turns, pulmonnary oedemas, broken eardrums ... hahaha

Again, playing safe took me to win the mens constant weight first place with 65 miserable meters, despite the presence of strong athletes from Croatia and Slovania. I guess no one was in good shape ...

Well, it was reeeealy nice being there. I recommend you all to enter the next comp Mia is organising in 2012.

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