21 dezembro 2011

Citroen Advertisement

Here is an old advertisement for Citroen filmed if I remember well around 2002. I finally found it : )
I was in charge of the whole technical organisation ( anchoring boats, divers, freedivers etc etc ...) The filming crew wanted it to look like "The Big Blue". A yatch, a platform, officials, divers for safety etc etc ...

There were some actors ( judges, freediver ). Everyone else was from the CIPA. You can see Cedric Palerme as a safety scuba. Guillaume Nery as a surface safety freediver. I am the freediver you see on the sled, head down. The decision was taken at the very last minute. The reason is that Antoine Lopresti, the stunt freediver supposed to dive couldn't equalize with a nose clip in such cold water ( the filming took place early spring and no one in Nice was used to dive with a noseclip at that time )

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